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Planning and Activity Management

The Planning and Activity Management Group in the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh is exploring representations and reasoning mechanisms for inter-agent activity support. The agents may be people or computer systems working in a coordinated fashion. The group explores and develops generic approaches by engaging in specific applied studies. Applications include crisis action planning, command and control, space systems, manufacturing, logistics, construction, procedural assistance, help desks, etc.


  • To put AI planning and activity management technology to productive use
  • To allow for a shared model of objectives, tasks, plans, options and current world state between human and automated agents
  • To develop new generic methods for planning and activity management
  • To participate in relevant standards activities
  • Shared Plan and Activity Representation
  • Intelligent Process Management
  • Knowledge-Based Planning
  • Adaptive Systems Approaches to Planning (Genetic Algorithms and Neural Nets)
  • Constraint Management Technology
  • Knowledge-Based Workflow
  • Intelligent Agent Technology
  • Intelligent Activity and Process State Visualisation
  • Modular, Distributed Systems Integration Architectures
  • Non-combatant Evacuation Operations (NEOs)
  • Air Campaign Planning
  • Search & Rescue Coordination
  • Emergency and Unusual Procedure Assistance (
  • US Army Small Unit Operations
  • Coalition Operations
  • Spacecraft Mission Planning
  • Construction Planning
  • Logistics
  • Engineering Tasks
  • Systems Management Aids
  • Help Desks and Assistants
  • Management Tasks
  • Personal Assistants
  • Nonlin: (1974-82) the original hierarchical task network, partial-order planner - used as the basis for many text book descriptions of this type of technology.
  • O-Plan: (1983-99) an AI planning , execution and plan repair system with extensive representations for temporal, resource and other constraints, support for plan execution monitoring and plan repair "on-the-fly". Runs as a web service.
  • I-X: (2000-present) a portable cross-platform Java-based planning and collaboration support environment. Aid to multi-agent cooperative work and external services use.
Projects Informatics Associations

UK Programme Involvement

International Programme Involvement

  • PLANET - European Network of Excellence in AI Planning
  • OntoWeb - European Network of Excellence in Ontologies for the Web
  • AgentLink - European Network of Excellence in Agent-based Computing
  • ARPI - DARPA/AFRL Planning Initiative
  • CoABS - DARPA Control of Agent Based Systems Program
  • DAML - DARPA Agent Markup Language Program
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