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AIAI is a technology transfer organisation that promotes the application of research on Artificial Intelligence for the benefit of commercial, industrial, and government clients. AIAI has considerable experience of working with SMEs, and with research groups in larger corporations.

The key research areas of AIAI are:

Planning and Activity Management: AIAI continues to be a world-leading center for planning and workflow;

Knowledge Systems and Knowledge Modelling: the formal side of intelligent systems, concerned with models, ontologies and the methods for acquiring knowledge. AIAI is at the forefront of activity in knowledge representation and is active in the Semantic Web;

Adaptive Systems: genetic algorithms, ant colony optimisation, evolving intelligent agents and robotic controllers, artificial life and applications to scheduling, and timetabling are active research areas;

Bioinformatics: an important new application area for ontology and adaptive systems techniques.
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AIAI is a part of the Centre for Intelligent Systems and their Applications (CISA) in the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. An overview of CISA's research is available in English (PDF) and Japanese (PDF).
An index is available to some of AIAI's Publications, Technical Reports (TR), Projects Reports (PR) and Institute Reports (IR).
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