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Working with AIAI
Our commercial clients work with us in three ways:

Application Development

Application development assists a client to produce innovative solutions through:

  • proof-of-concept demonstrators
  • prototypes
  • software solutions
while transferring the AI technology to experienced staff in the client organisation.


Consultancy assists a client to understand how AI methods and techniques have been, and can be applied, reporting through:

  • advanced technology strategy studies
  • surveys on technologies, methods and tools
  • advanced technology feasibility studies.

Training gives clients specialist skills in the application of AI methods and techniques through visitor programmes, tutorials and in-house courses in areas such as:

  • Knowledge Management
  • AI Programming in Java
  • Genetic Algorithms & Genetic Programming
The Affiliateship Scheme

AIAI operates an affiliateship agreement whereby a client commits to a certain resource level over a one year period and, in return, obtains a flexible composition of application development, consultancy and training. The affiliateship agreement will typically identify one or two key goals to be achieved, and these will be met by the most suitable mixture of services and collaboration.

AIAI's clients and collaborators include:

Adobe, AEA Technology, Aldus, Amoco, Arup, BBN Corp, Boeing, Bow Valley, BAE Systems, British Aerospace, British Telecom, Bristol and West Building Society, Building Research Establishment, CISE, Conoco, CRI Denmark, Cycorp, Digital, EADS, Edify, Elf, Enigmatec, European Silicon Structures, ESEC, Exxon, Ford, GEC Marconi, GlobalInfoTek, Hewlett Packard, Hitachi, IBM, ICL Fujitsu, Ilog, Intense Photonics, ISX, Kodak, KPI, Lattice Logic, Lloyd's Register, Lockheed Martin, Logica, MCL Software, Memex Technology, Metier, Motorola, Nationwide, NCR, Nynas, Pilkington, Pindar, Petroleum Science & Technology Institute (PSTI), QinetiQ, Robertson Group, Rolls-Royce & Associates, Royal Bank of Scotland, Schindler Lifts, Seiko, Sharp, Shell, Slam Games, Standard Life, Teknowledge Corp, Texaco, Toshiba Corporation, UBS, Unilever

AIAI also works with government agencies including:
UK: CCTA, DERA, DSTL, Fire Service College, GCHQ, Health & Safety Executive, Health & Safety Laboratory, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, RAF,
Regional Authorities: Greater Manchester Country Fire & Rescue Service, London Fire & Emergency Planning Authority, Greater Manchester Country Fire & Rescue Service,
AIAI has many academic collaborators: including:
CMU, Dartmouth College, Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre, IHMC, Imperial College London, Institute of High Performance Computing Singapore, MIT, National e-Science Centre, Potomac Institute, SRI International, Stanford University, University of Maryland, University of Michigan, USC/ISI, University of Texas
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