Air Operations Enterprise Modelling


Project funded under the DARPA JFACC program


AIAI Staff: John Kingston, Jessica Chen-Burger, Lea Ruscio


AIAI worked on the “Agile Control of Military Operations” project as part of the BBN Technologies Air Operations Enterprise Modelling team.  AIAI’s original aims of carrying out model integration and development, requirements capture & experiment analysis, model configuration & modification and model assessment were modified to meet the revised requirements of the project as the project progressed. AIAI therefore carried out three major work items:




Knowledge-based Automatic Verification & Validation for Business Models. Y-H Chen-Burger, D. Robertson and J. Stader. Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Advances in Enterprise Control


A Knowledge Based Multi-Perspective Framework For Enterprise Modelling. Y-H Chen-Burger. AIAI Technical report, 2001.


Knowledge Sharing and Inconsistency checking on Multiple Enterprise Models. Y-H Chen-Burger. Proceedings of the Knowledge Management & Organizational Memory Workshop, IJCAI-2001, Seattle, Washington, 6 August 2001.


Knowledge Models in BSDM.Y-H Chen-Burger. AIAI Project report.


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The Intelligent Adversary: Combining Knowledge Based Systems and Genetic Algorithms for Military Planning. AIAI project report. Will be submitted to an appropriate journal or conference.