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The CoAX Project is a Technology Integration Experiment (TIE) conducted by a team of international participants. It is funded by contracts or grants to individual participating organizations who have joined together to demonstrate the potential utility of intelligent agent technology for coalition operations. Funding is provided by DARPA's CoABS Program, and other national agent technology programs in Australia (DSTO), the UK (DSTL)and the US (AFRL/Rome) The work is supported by The Technical Cooperation Program (TTCP).

Web site material: Austin Tate (editor), David Allsopp, Patrick Beautement, Jeff Bradshaw and other members of the CoAX Team.

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"Buddy" Arrangements

Each participants has a buddy arrangement with one of AIAI, BBN, QinetiQ or UWF/IHMC to facilitate integration and demonstration arrangements. The buddy will be responsible for the following:

Technology Contributions



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