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CoAX   Coalition Agents eXperiment
  6 Months Demonstration

  • To get the agents that will form the core of the 9 month demo working together in a simple Binni-related scenario on the grid, using some basic KAoS agent domain and conversation facilities. For the 6-month demo each agent will belong to only one domain at a time and there will be a single Air Command demo 'thread'.
  • Storyboard:
  • 29-Jun-2000 demonstration runthrough
  • CoAX Demo Stage 0, Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4, Stage 5, Stage 6
  • Agents and Domains:
  • DERA's Master Battle Planner (MBP) in JFAC HQ domain generates Coalition Air Operations Plan and visualisation based on the following:
    • Theatre sources providing information about friendly and opponent assets and their capabilities;
    • Air Operations Data Base (AODB) information provided by LM-ATL's EMMA/CAST "come-as-you-are" agent;
    • Local Intel source in the JFAC HQ domain;
    • 'Private' Intel source from the Gao domain
  • Boeing's KAoS Domain Managers (DM) and Match Makers (MM) are present in each domain:
    • DMs coordinate agent registration, policy administration and enforcement
    • MMs federate to provide information about local and remote agent services
  • AIAI's Process Panel (PP) in JTFHQ domain monitors DERA MBP's activities for JTF Commander.

  • Maps:
  • Binni Map - Normal, Large,
  • Planned Firestorm Areas - Normal, Large
  • Gao Deception - Normal, Large
  • Screen Images:
  • DERA's Master Battle Planner - Normal, Large
  • LM ATL's EMAA/CAST AODB agent - Normal, Large
  • Boeing's Match Maker and Broker agents - Normal, Large
  • AIAI's I-X Process Panel - I-P2 - Normal, Large