CoAX Binni 2002
CoAX   Coalition Agents eXperiment
  Binni 2002 (30 Months) Demonstration

CoAX Binni 2002 Demonstration Materials:
  • Report
  • Demonstration Handout (MS Word Document - 3.8MB) 29/30-Oct-2002
  • Demonstration Script (MS Word Document - 0.5KB) 29/30-Oct-2002
  • Demonstration Presentation (MS PowerPoint Presentation - 2.6MB) 29/30-Oct-2002
  • Demonstration Screenshots Runthrough (MS PowerPoint Presentation - 9.2MB) 29/30-Oct-2002
  • Posters (PowerPoint Format) 29/30-Oct-2002
  • Complete Storyboard with Scripts, Stage Management, Setup, Maps, Scenario Updates and Presentations (Zip file format - 29.4MB) 22-Nov-2002
  • Coalition Starter Pack, [Large Font Version]
  • Graphics Resources, Flags and Screen Backgrounds
  • Introductory Movies and Music
  • CoAX Demo Invitation Postcard


    Supported by The Technical Cooperation Program,
    United States Air Force Research Laboratory/Information Directorate, Rome Research Site,
    Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency,
    UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory,
    Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Australia