CoAX Binni
CoAX     CoAX Binni 2002 Demonstration
    Naval War College, Newport, R.I. - 29/30-Oct-2002


Briefing and Demonstration Materials:

More Information

CoAX Binni 2002 Team   LCDR Dylan Schmorrow, Patrick Beautement and the
         Newport Audience on 30-Oct-2002 (am)
NWDC, Sims Hall, Naval War College, Newport, RI Setup Setup Setup
The Coalition Table The Countries Table Newport Audience on 30-Oct-2002 (pm) CoAX Binni 2002 Team (hires)
Patrick Beautement and Ron Brachman Jeff Bradshaw an Ron Brachman Austin Tate and Ron Brachman CoAX PI Team and Dinner Head Table Group

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