Class Actor

Notes for Actor:

Slots on class Actor:

Arity: 1
Documentation: An EO-Entity that *does* play an Actor Role.
Instance-Of: Class, Relation, Set
Subclass-Of: Potential-Actor, Qua-Entity, Eo-Entity, Individual-Thing, Thing ...
Superclass-Of: Owner, Partner, Shareholder, Stakeholder, Vendor ...

Slots on instances of Actor:

Other Related Implication Axioms for Actor:

(=> (Planning-Assumption ?Planning ?Assumption)
    (Exists (?Doer)
            (And (Actor ?Doer)
                 (Actually-Execute ?Doer ?Planning)
                 (Assumed ?Doer ?Assumption))))

Other Related Equivalence Axioms for Actor:

(<=> (Shareholder ?Legal-Entity)
     (And (Legal-Entity ?Legal-Entity)
          (Actor ?Legal-Entity)
          (Exists (?Shareholding)
                  (And (Shareholding ?Shareholding)
                       (Shareholder-Of ?Shareholding ?Legal-Entity)))))

(<=> (Stakeholder ?Stakeholder)
     (And (Actor ?Stakeholder)
          (Or (Legal-Entity ?Stakeholder)
              (Organisational-Unit ?Stakeholder))
          (Exists (?Organisational-Unit)
                  (And (Organisational-Unit ?Organisational-Unit)
                       (Holds-Stake-In ?Stakeholder

(<=> (Owner ?Owner)
     (And (Actor ?Owner)
          (Exists (?Ownership) (Owning-Actor ?Ownership ?Owner))))

(<=> (Partner ?Partner)
     (And (Person ?Partner)
          (Actor ?Partner)
          (Exists (?Partnership) (Partner-Of ?Partner ?Partnership))))

(<=> (Purpose-Holder ?Purpose-Holder)
     (And (Actor ?Purpose-Holder)
          (Exists (?Purpose) (Hold-Purpose ?Purpose-Holder ?Purpose))))