Relation Assumed

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Slots on relation Assumed:

Arity: 2
A Relationship between an Actor and a State-of-Affairs whereby the Actor takes the State Of Affairs to be true without knowing whether it is true or not.
Domain: Potential-Actor
Instance-Of: Binary-Relation, Relation, Set
Range: State-Of-Affairs

Other Related Implication Axioms for Assumed:

(=> (Known-True ?Actor ?State-Of-Affairs)
    (Not (Assumed ?Actor ?State-Of-Affairs)))

(=> (Planning-Assumption ?Planning ?Assumption)
    (Exists (?Doer)
            (And (Actor ?Doer)
                 (Actually-Execute ?Doer ?Planning)
                 (Assumed ?Doer ?Assumption))))

(=> (Assumed ?Actor ?Soa) (Not (Known-True ?Actor ?Soa)))

Other Related Equivalence Axioms for Assumed:

(<=> (Assumption ?Assumption)
     (And (State-Of-Affairs ?Assumption)
          (Qua-Entity ?Assumption)
          (Exists (?Actor) (Assumed ?Actor ?Assumption))))