Class Assumption

Notes for Assumption:

Slots on class Assumption:

Arity: 1
Documentation: The State-Of-Affairs in an Assumed Relationship with some Actor
Exhaustive-Subclass-Partition: {Critical-Assumption, Non-Critical-Assumption}
Instance-Of: Class, Relation, Set
Range-Of: Plan-Assumption, Planning-Assumption
Subclass-Of: Qua-Entity, State-Of-Affairs, Eo-Entity, Individual-Thing, Thing ...
Superclass-Of: Critical-Assumption, Non-Critical-Assumption

Slots on instances of Assumption:

Implication Axioms for Assumption:

(=> (Assumption ?Assumption)
    (Exists (?Actor) (Assumed ?Actor ?Assumption)))

Equivalence Axioms for Assumption:

(<=> (Assumption ?Assumption)
     (And (State-Of-Affairs ?Assumption)
          (Qua-Entity ?Assumption)
          (Exists (?Actor) (Assumed ?Actor ?Assumption))))