Relation Hold-Purpose

Notes for Hold-Purpose:

Slots on relation Hold-Purpose:

Arity: 2
a Relationship between an Actor and a State-Of-Affairs Affairs whereby the Actor wants, intends, or is responsible for the full or partial Achievement of the State-Of-Affairs;
Domain: Potential-Actor
Instance-Of: Binary-Relation, Relation, Set
Range: State-Of-Affairs

Other Related Implication Axioms for Hold-Purpose:

(=> (Holds-Stake-In ?Stakeholder ?Organisational-Unit)
    (And (Or (Legal-Entity ?Stakeholder)
             (Organisational-Unit ?Stakeholder))
         (Exists (?Purpose)
                 (And (Purpose ?Purpose)
                      (Hold-Purpose ?Organisational-Unit ?Purpose)
                      (In-Scope-Of-Interest ?Stakeholder ?Purpose)))))

(=> (Strategic-Purpose ?Strategic-Purpose)
    (Exists (?Actor) (Hold-Purpose ?Actor ?Strategic-Purpose)))

Other Related Equivalence Axioms for Hold-Purpose:

(<=> (Purpose-Holder ?Purpose-Holder)
     (And (Actor ?Purpose-Holder)
          (Exists (?Purpose) (Hold-Purpose ?Purpose-Holder ?Purpose))))

(<=> (Purpose ?Purpose)
     (And (State-Of-Affairs ?Purpose)
          (Qua-Entity ?Purpose)
          (Or (Exists (?Plan) (Intended-Purpose ?Plan ?Purpose))
              (Exists (?Actor) (Hold-Purpose ?Actor ?Purpose)))))