Class Strategic-Purpose

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Arity: 1
A purpose held by an Actor that is declared to be of 'Strategic' importance. A Strategic-Purpose may Help-Achieve another Purpose, and thus be lower-level with respect to that Purpose. However, any such Purpose that is higer-level than at least one Strategic-Purpose must itself be a Strategic-Purpose.
Instance-Of: Class, Relation, Set
Subclass-Of: Purpose, Eo-Entity, Individual-Thing, Qua-Entity, State-Of-Affairs ...

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Implication Axioms for Strategic-Purpose:

(=> (Strategic-Purpose ?Strategic-Purpose)
    (Exists (?Actor) (Hold-Purpose ?Actor ?Strategic-Purpose)))

Axioms for Strategic-Purpose:

(Forall (?Purpose ?Sgc-Purpose)
        (=> (And (Strategic-Purpose ?Sgc-Purpose)
                 (Help-Achieve ?Sgc-Purpose ?Purpose))
            (Strategic-Purpose ?Purpose)))

Other Related Implication Axioms for Strategic-Purpose:

(=> (Critical-Success-Factor ?Csf)
    (And (Exists (?Actor) (Intended-Purpose ?Actor ?Csf))
         (Exists (?Strategic-Purpose)
                 (And (Strategic-Purpose ?Strategic-Purpose)
                      (Help-Achieve ?Csf ?Strategic-Purpose)))))

(=> (Strategy ?Strategy)
    (Exists (?Purpose)
            (And (Strategic-Purpose ?Purpose)
                 (Intended-Purpose ?Strategy ?Purpose))))