Class Eo-Entity

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Arity: 1
Documentation: A fundamental thing in the domain being modelled.
Instance-Of: Class, Relation, Set
Range-Of: Can-Use-Resource, In-Scope-Of-Interest, Owned-Entity, Owned-Rights, Responsibilities-Of-Owner ...
Subclass-Of: Individual-Thing, Individual, Thing
Superclass-Of: For-Sale, Good-Service-Or-Money, Potential-Sale, Sale, Share-Type ...

Slots on instances of Eo-Entity:

Other Related Equivalence Axioms for Eo-Entity:

(<=> (Legal-Entity ?X)
     (And (Eo-Entity ?X)
          (Or (Person ?X) (Corporation ?X) (Partnership ?X))))

(<=> (Activity-Or-Spec ?X)
     (And (Eo-Entity ?X) (Or (Activity ?X) (Activity-Spec ?X))))

Other Related Axioms for Eo-Entity:

(Inherited-Facet-Value Slot-Value-Type