Class Activity-Spec

Notes for Activity-Spec:

Slots on class Activity-Spec:

Arity: 1
a characterisation of something to do; a specification of activity. By its very nature, this characterisation restricts the possible things to do and thus corresponds to a subset of the Activities in the universe. * an Activity Specification can be thought of as a constraint functioning

as a selector identifying a restricted range of Activities in the universe; * insofar as Activity Specification will be built up from various

components (statements in some language), each constraining the

specification in different ways, an

Activity Specification can be thought of a collection of constraints. * The language for expressing Activity Specifications

will include statements about

ordering (sub)-Activities; Resource usage, Activity

Decomposition, and much more

Domain-Of: Execution-Of-Activity-Spec, Intended-Purpose, Specified-Effect, Specified-Output, Sub-Activity-Spec ...
Instance-Of: Class, Relation, Set
Range-Of: Have-Capability, Have-Skill, Hold-Authority, Specified-To-Execute, Sub-Activity-Spec ...
Subclass-Of: Activity-Or-Spec, Eo-Entity, Individual, Individual-Thing, Thing ...
Superclass-Of: Plan, Process-Spec, Strategic-Action, Strategy, Sub-Plan ...

Slots on instances of Activity-Spec:

Minimum-Slot-Cardinality: 0
Slot-Cardinality: 1
Slot-Value-Type: Time-Range
Minimum-Slot-Cardinality: 1
Slot-Value-Type: Effect
Minimum-Slot-Cardinality: 1
Slot-Value-Type: Pre-Condition

Other Related Implication Axioms for Activity-Spec:

(=> (Strategic-Planning ?Sgc-Planning)
    (Exists (?Strategy ?Aspec)
            (And (Strategy ?Strategy)
                 (Activity-Spec ?Aspec)
                 (Execution-Of-Activity-Spec ?Aspec ?Sgc-Planning)
                 (Intended-Purpose ?Aspec
                                   '(Actual-Output ?Sgc-Planning

(=> (Planning ?Planning)
    (Exists (?Plan ?Aspec)
            (And (Plan ?Plan)
                 (Activity-Spec ?Aspec)
                 (Execution-Of-Activity-Spec ?Aspec ?Planning)
                 (Intended-Purpose ?Aspec
                                   '(Actual-Output ?Planning ?Plan)))))

Other Related Equivalence Axioms for Activity-Spec:

(<=> (Activity-Or-Spec ?X)
     (And (Eo-Entity ?X) (Or (Activity ?X) (Activity-Spec ?X))))

Other Related Axioms for Activity-Spec:

(Exhaustive-Subclass-Partition Activity-Or-Spec
                               (Setof Activity Activity-Spec))