Class Activity-Or-Spec

Notes for Activity-Or-Spec:

Slots on class Activity-Or-Spec:

Arity: 1
Documentation: The union of Activity and Activity-Spec
Domain-Of: Can-Use-Resource
Exhaustive-Subclass-Partition: {Activity, Activity-Spec}
Instance-Of: Class, Relation, Set
Subclass-Of: Eo-Entity, Individual, Individual-Thing, Thing
Superclass-Of: Activity, Activity-Spec, Plan, Process-Spec, Strategy ...

Slots on instances of Activity-Or-Spec:

Implication Axioms for Activity-Or-Spec:

(=> (Activity-Or-Spec ?X) (Or (Activity ?X) (Activity-Spec ?X)))

Equivalence Axioms for Activity-Or-Spec:

(<=> (Activity-Or-Spec ?X)
     (And (Eo-Entity ?X) (Or (Activity ?X) (Activity-Spec ?X))))