Relation Can-Use-Resource

Notes for Can-Use-Resource:

Slots on relation Can-Use-Resource:

Arity: 2
a Relationship between an Activity or Activity-Spec and an Entity whereby the Entity is or can be used or consumed during the performance of the Activity or the Activities as specified in the Activity-Spec
Domain: Activity-Or-Spec
Instance-Of: Binary-Relation, Relation, Set
Range: Eo-Entity

Other Related Implication Axioms for Can-Use-Resource:

(=> (Resource-Substitute ?Resource ?Resource-Sub ?A-Or-Spec)
    (=> (Can-Use-Resource ?A-Or-Spec ?Resource)
        (Can-Use-Resource ?A-Or-Spec ?Resource-Sub)))

Other Related Equivalence Axioms for Can-Use-Resource:

(<=> (Resource ?X)
     (Exists (?Activity-Or-Spec)
             (Can-Use-Resource ?Activity-Or-Spec ?X)))