Project Team

  • University of Huddersfield - Department of Informatics - Knowledge Engineering and Intelligent Interfaces Research Group: Prof. Lee McCluskey (Team Leader) and Dr. Lukas Chpra
  • University of Edinburgh - School of Informatics - Centre for Intelligent Systems and their Applications (CISA): Prof. Austin Tate and Dr. Gerhard Wickler (Co-PI and Principal Participant)
  • Project Monitor for AIS Industrial Partners: Dr. Walt Aldred, Schlumberger

EPSRC Autonomous and Intelligent Systems Programme

AIS Programme Documents
AIS Documents Directory
Grant Numbers: Huddersfield: EP/J011991/1 and Edinburgh: EP/J011800/1
EPSRC Press Release - 10-May-2012 [Local Copy]
Hedlamp Project Documents
Hedlamp Project Documents Directory
Hedlamp Project Proposal Documents
Hedlamp Project Presentations
Hedlamp Project Public Statement
Publication Acknowledgement Text

Project Reports and Publications

Year 1 Deliverables
Machine Learning and Adaptation of Domain Models to Support Real Time Planning in Autonomous Systems - Month 6 Report, Austin Tate, Gerhard Wickler, Lee McCluskey and Lukas Chrpa, University of Edinburgh and University of Hudddersfield, 31st August 2012. [PDF Format ]
Year 2 and 3 Deliverables
Available via main HedLAMP web site
Final Report
Machine Learning and Adaptation of Domain Models to Support Real Time Planning in Autonomous Systems Final Summary Report, Austin Tate and Gerhard Wickler, University of Edinburgh, 11th August 2015. [PDF Format ]

Huddersfield Resources

LOCM and OpMaker Resources

Edinburgh Resources

I-X Resources
I-X Web and Release (latest version I-X 4.6 25-Aug-2010 - released under the Lesser GPL Open Source Licence)
Tate, A. (2000) Intelligible AI Planning, in Research and Development in Intelligent Systems XVII, Proceedings of ES2000, The Twentieth British Computer Society Special Group on Expert Systems International Conference on Knowledge Based Systems and Applied Artificial Intelligence, pp. 3-16, Cambridge, UK, December 2000, Springer. [PDF Format ]
I-X Applications
Sample I-X applications are included in the I-X release. Other proprietary applications may be made available for use with appropriate collaborators if helpful to the project and subject to refinements and changes being accessible for any future use by the University of Edinburgh.
Domain Modelling
Wickler, G. (2011) Using Planning Domain Features to Facilitate Knowledge Engineering, Proceedings of Knowledge Engineering for Planning and Scheduling (KEPS 2011), Freiburg, Germany, June 2011. [ PDF Format ]
School of Informatics and AIAI Presentations
Presentations on University of Edinburgh School of Informatics, CISA, AIAI, etc. [ See Presentations ]
AIAI Oil Related Projects
AIAI's work in petroleum, oil and gas related projects: EGRESS, MOBEDIC, PEXES, SDBA, Directional Driller, SPIRIT [ See AIAI Oil Related Projects ]

Plan Representation

<I-N-C-A> Plan Representation
Tate, A. (2003) <I-N-C-A>: a Shared Model for Mixed-initiative Synthesis Tasks, Proceedings of the Workshop on Mixed-Initiative Intelligent Systems (MIIS) at the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-03), pp. 125-130, Acapulco, Mexico, August 2003. [PDF Format ]
Tate, A. (1996) Towards a Plan Ontology, AI*IA Notiziqe (Quarterly Publication of the Associazione Italiana per l'Intelligenza Artificiale), Special Issue on "Aspects of Planning Research", Vol. 9. No. 1, pp.19-26 - March 1996. [PDF Format ]
NIST PSL - Process Specification Language (ISO 18629)
NIST PSL Web (Core)
SPAR - Shared Planning and Activity Representation
Tate, A. (1998), "Roots of SPAR - Shared Planning and Activity Representation", The Knowledge Engineering Review, Vol 13(1), pp. 121-128, Special Issue on Putting Ontologies to Use (eds. Uschold. M. and Tate, A.), Cambridge University Press, March 1998. [PDF Format ]

Virtual Worlds and Simulation Environments

  • Using OpenSimulator under BSD Open Source Licence, and I-Rooms for project meetings.
  • Recommended Viewer for OpenSim - Firestorm OpenSim Version. Connection Information.
  • If you do not yet have a Hypergrid-enabled OpenSim grid avatar, we recommend that you create a free avatar at the main open source testing and communications grid - OSGrid - and then visit the location indicated for your meeting or virtual world experience.
  • Visits to OSGrid regions can normally be done by selecting that grid in the grid list of most OpenSim-compatible viewers (such as Firestorm OpenSim version), as its usually included by default. If not, use the viewer's grid manager Preferences -> OpenSim to add OSGrid with the URL ""
  • Hedlamp project developers can obtain an Openvue grid avatar via Ai Austin and log directly onto the Openvue grid. In an OpenSim compatible viewer (such as Firestorm OpenSim version), use the viewer's grid manager or Preferences -> OpenSim and add the Openvue Grid with URL ""
  • Clicking the appropriate "hop" link below (e.g. in Firefox) should let you choose to open Firestorm viewer and it will automatically add the relevant entry to your viewer's grid manager if necesary.
  • Information on Hedlamp Collaboration Facilities in Second Life and OpenSim. See Blog Post.
  • Information on Robert Gordon University (RGU) Oil Rig in OpenSim. See Blog Post.

Hedlamp Collaboration

Hedlamp project I-Room
Second Life I-Room@Vue (SLurl)

For hop://s use e.g. Firefox Browser and Firestorm Viewer for OpenSim Teleports

OpenSimulator on OSGrid
OpenSimulator on Openvue

RGU Oil Rig (Info)

RGU Oil Rig Hedlamp Team Avatars RGU Oil Rig Visit RGU Blow Out Preventer

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