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Workflow Management Systems

Workflow Management Systems (WfMS) operate in dynamic environments, where they are expected to ensure that users are supported in performing flexible and creative tasks while maintaining organisational norms. Allowing business decisions to be fed into process creation provides a good foundation for WfMS flexibility and stability. AIAI has extensive experience in providing formal support for knowledge and process modelling that enables rapid system prototyping and automatic verification that shortens system development cycle and enhances system quality.

This approach uses a combination of different techniques to provide a unique integrated solution that provides benefits conventional workflow systems don't. It is guided by a principled Enterprise Modelling framework. The process model used is visual and logic based and is directly mapped to system code that enables rapid WfMS prototyping and adaptation. The process model is also linked to a higher-level business model that specifies business rules, policies, strategies, rationale, and justifications to guide WfMS development and evolution. This approach is AI-based in that it can be extended to provide other types of intelligent support, e.g. planning, scheduling, negotiating, dialogue, Q&A.

Technology Features

  • Business decision guided workflow system design that is tractable
  • Intuitive visual and logic based process language
  • Based ontology mapped to ER data models or OO class diagrams
  • Adaptive modelling capabilities
  • Dynamic workflow capabilities
  • Automatic WfMS prototyping
  • Automatic verification, validation and simulation
  • Easy Extension to other AI based technologies

Potential Applications

We have research and commercial experience in:

  • Virtual organisation communication and collaboration,
  • Help desktop process modelling,
  • Adaptive Workflow applications,
  • E-Business applications, and
  • Agent based systems collaboration.
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