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Intelligent Systems

The development of Intelligent Systems is a core AIAI activity. Intelligent Systems are computer programs constructed using AI technology or concepts that perform tasks requiring intelligence or expertise. Intelligent Systems have been developed to address diagnostic, monitoring, classification, planning, scheduling, advisory and design tasks. In recent years, for example, AIAI has been involved in projects to build systems to plan and schedule spacecraft assembly, to design the layout of telephone directory pages, to detect possible financial fraud and to help diabetics monitor their current physical state.


Intelligent Systems can perform a variety of tasks in a wide range of domains. Consequently, there is no single 'Intelligent Systems architecture': the form and content of an Intelligent System will depend on the nature of task in question; on the source and characteristics of the knowledge to be embodied within the system; and on the sort of environment in which the system will have to operate. But, there is a common underlying methodology in the construction of an Intelligent System:

  • task analysis, knowledge source identification and conceptual design of solution system;
  • knowledge acquisition and modelling;
  • detailed design of system components;
  • implementation and initial testing;
  • integration and deployment;
  • system testing.
    For certain tasks, rather than risk full-scale system development immediately, it may be appropriate to develop a small-scale proof-of-concept prototype at an early stage of this process to validate assumptions about the domain and test the proposed solution principles.

    AIAI can play a role in Intelligent System development projects during any of these phases, but most typically would be involved during the earlier stages of analysis, modelling and design, and proof-of-concept implementation where AIAI's experience of working with specifically AI concepts and technologies will be most telling.

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