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Stuart Aitken
Email: stuart@aiai.ed.ac.uk
Yin Chen
Email: ychen3@inf.ed.ac.uk

Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute
The University of Edinburgh
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Updated: Mon Feb 18 10:28:03 GMT 2008

COBrA-CT: Downloads

OBO Explorer

The OBO Explorer is an ontology editor for GO and OBO OWL ontologies. It is implemented as a plug-in for Protege. It should be used with the OBOConverter tab which reads OBO files and converts them to OWL. The ontologies can then be edited using the OBO Explorer and OBO Ontology Metadata tabs.

Version 1.2 (August 2007) of the OBO Explorer provides a simple browser and editor for part-whole restrictions. Definitions can be created by linking to parent terms, and part-of links from other terms are also displayed. Version 1.001 of the OBO Converter is bundled in the OBO tools download (Feb 2008).

Download OBO Explorer V1.2 - August 2007
(all platforms)

Download OBO Tools: OBO Explorer V1.2 + OBOConverter V1.001 (all platforms) *recommended*
HELP readme

If you wish to contribute to the user evaluation of the OBO Explorer, follow this link...

Ontology Version Manager

The Ontology Version Manager provides access to the OWL ontology server. Users can download ontologies, and after registering, upload and share ontologies with other users. Ontologies must be OWL (or XML). The Version Manager is currently available as a stand-alone Java 1.5 application. A Protege plug-in version is planned.

Download Version Manager (all platforms)

Download Version Manager (OS X)
HELP readme

The ontology database is now up and running. You will be able to connect to it using the version manager tool. The system is populated with up-to-date OWL versions of the OBO ontologies. Email stuart@aiai.ed.ac.uk for an account. Note: you may experience longer download times for the larger ontologies depending on network connections etc - we are working to improve this.