COBrA Curation Tool: Ontology Version Manager
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The version manager allows guest users to download ontologies from the ontology server. Guest users do not need a password, but can only access ontologies marked public. Registered users can, in addition, upload ontologies and share ontologies with other registered users. Previous versions of ontologies are archived by the ontology server. Users can register by applying for an account here: Registered users with 'curator' status can publish ontologies to the community.

Download The Ontology Version Manager can be downloaded from

Installation The Ontology Version Manager is a stand-alone tool that requires Java 1.5 to run.
Mac users (OS X) can open the .dmg file and drag the directory to a suitable place. Double-click the icon to start the system.
Windows users should open the tar archive with an application such as WinZip and copy the version_manager directory to a suitable place. Double-click the icon version_manager.exe to start the system.
Linux users should un-tar the archive and run the system using the script run_version_manager

User Guide
The version manager is a client application that makes connections to a central database over the internet, therefore, users are asked to have patience should connection times be long. If the system is busy, users might have to repeat an operation (operations can be cancelled as described below).

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