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Optimum-AIV: Planning and Scheduling of Spacecraft Assembly, Integration and Test

Optimum-AIV is now being operationally applied to the strategic planning of the production of ARIANE IV equipment bays. This activity frequently requires the plans to be updated due to non-availability of equipment, and test failures.

A consortium consisting of Computer Resources International A/S, Matra Marconi Space, Progespace and AIAI was responsible for the development of the European Space Agency (ESA) knowledge based system for the planning and scheduling of activities for spacecraft assembly, integration and verification (AIV).

The system supports the entire AIV life cycle, i.e. not only scheduling of the activities but also monitoring of plan execution and the plan repair phases. State of the art knowledge based techniques have been applied in the planning/scheduling process: preconditions and effects on the spacecraft configuration of individual activities can be stated and used for verification of the plan logic. The system allows scheduling of activities to be performed either manually or automatically using resource levelling.
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