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Knowledge Asset Management

Course Objectives

As a result of the course, attendees will understand ways in which they can explicitly manage their organisation's knowledge by:

  • thinking of knowledge as an asset that can be managed;
  • knowing of techniques that allow them to manage knowledge assets so as to meet their organisations needs;
  • appreciate the variety of actions that can result from the management of assets.
Attendees will also have a conceptual understanding of this new area that will allow them to follow and assess new developments in this field as they occur. Content The course will consist of a mixture of presented lecture material, discussion sessions and practical exercises. Course content will include:
  • Different approaches to knowledge management ranging from technology-guided to community interaction approaches. Principles and practice for choosing between them.
  • Methods for identifying and describing knowledge assets, analysing their value and benefits.
  • Decision making and the psychology of expertise. Their implications for knowledge acquisition.
  • Feasibility studies for knowledge-based technology
  • Overview of knowledge modelling
  • Managing the adoption of knowledge management techniques.

2 days.

Target Audience

The course is intended for business analysts, managers and other senior personnel who are interested in a methodological approach for managing their organisation's knowledge assets. Project managers of staff charged with developing knowledge management systems or guidelines will also benefit.

Prerequisites None.


The course is no longer available. Contact the School of Informatics for study opportunities.

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