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Since 2011 AIAI has been part of the Artificial Intelligence and its Applications Institute (previously named CISA) within the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. AIAI continues to make available the resources and educational materials from its previous work. Applied AI work continues to be performed by staff, students and collaborators across the School of Informatics.


On-line versions of talks given at or by people associated with AIAI:

Speaker: Prof. Donald Michie, Professor Emeritus, University of Edinburgh
Title:Recollections of Early AI in Britain: 1942-1965.
BCS Computer Conservation Society's Artificial Intelligence: Recollections of the Pioneers Seminar
Transcript: PDF Format
Venue: British Museum, London, UK
Date: 11-Oct-2002 - 35 Minutes
Media: Produced by New South Wales University of Technology, Australia [MPEG4] [AIAI Media Server: MPEG4]
Speaker: Prof. Austin Tate, AIAI, University of Edinburgh
Title: I-X - Human Centered Plan Representations that Computers can Understand
Abstract: HTML Format
Venue: IHMC, Pensacola, Florida, USA
Date: 3-Apr-2003 - 55 minutes
Media: Produced by IHMC [MPEG4 Format]
Speaker: Prof. Austin Tate, AIAI, University of Edinburgh
Title: I-Room - Intelligent Collaborative Spaces for Emergency Response
Abstract: Text Format
Venue: Microsoft Research, Redmond, WA, USA
Date: 8-Feb-2008 - 75 minutes
Media: Produced by Microsoft Research [Windows Media Format]
Speaker: Prof. Austin Tate, AIAI, University of Edinburgh
Title: Austin Tate, I-Rooms, Research in a Nutshell, Science & Engineering
Abstract: Text Format
Venue: Appletion Tower, Edinburgh, UK
Date: 14-Dec-2011 - 1 minute
Media: Produced by Siri Rhodes, Siri Research Films [MPEG4, M4V]
To view the movies you may need to have the relevant QuickTime (for Apple or Windows users), RealMedia (for Linux/Unix, Apple or Windows users) or Windows Media Players installed. MPEG4 (.mp4) files should play on most systems.

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