Package ai.planning

Interface Summary
Action<A> An Action is an activity that may be executable by some agent.
ActionType<A> An ActionType represents a class of Actions.
Domain<A> A planning domain corresponds to a state-transition system in which the state space is implicitly defined by the Atoms used to define the Domain and the planning problems for this Domain.
Goal<A> A goal is usually defined as a set of Atoms in planning.
Plan<A> This class represents a Plan which is a collection of Actions that are somehow organised.
Planner<A> This interface represents a planner that can find solutions to planning problems.
Problem<A> A planning problem over a planning Domain is defined by an initial WorldState and a Goal.
SequentialPlan<A> This class class represents a SequentialPlan which is simply a sequence of Actions.
WorldState<A> A WorldState is a logical representation of all the facts that are true in the state of the world represented by this WorldState.