Knowledge Acquisition for Air Campaign Planning

Prepared by John Kingston, AIAI, University of Edinburgh

AIAI is part of the ARPA/Rome Laboratory Planning Initiative (ARPI) Initiative Support and ACPT Testbed (ISAT) Project, working as a subcontractor to ISX Corporation. The nature of the work is explained in this rationale.

This page provides an index to the knowledge acquired by AIAI on the subject of Air Campaign Planning within a Joint Task Force. The knowledge is represented using (variations on) the CommonKADS modelling technique, which models knowledge from several different perspectives.

The majority of the knowledge represented has been modelled using the CommonKADS approach to knowledge representation. This has been enriched using some ideas from the ORDIT approach to organizational requirements definition; the IDEF3 modelling technique (PostScript -- 121 Kb); and the Role Activity Diagram technique. The terminology which is used within the models has been justified by drawing on the work of the KRSL working group and on a recently published ontology for enterprise modelling.

N.B. Information on IDEF0 and IDEF1X, which are complementary to IDEF3, is available on the Net.