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AIAI Work Rationale

Questions that Drive the Flow of the Work...

ACP Tasks, Processes and Roles

1. Can we identify types of tasks that are performed in ACP? (WP1.1 KADS)

2. Is there a way to map these to processes that can be used to perform each identified task? (WP1.1 IDEF)

3. Can we support individuals in this framework by being clear about their roles in performing tasks or enacting process steps? Are we clear about the roles of the people, organisations and systems involved in carrying out the various activities within those processes? (WP1.1 Role/Activity Models)

ACP Terminology

4. Can we use the larger domain lexicon/ontology (SENSUS/ACP) created for the initiative by ISI to regularise the terms used and objects referred to. (WP1.1 and WP1.2)

5. Can we make use of a small generic "enterprise ontology" to underpin the terminology used for 1-3? Are changes to this ontology required to perform 1-3? (WP1.2 - using KRSL-Plans working group and Enterprise Ontologies?)

Relevance of ARPI Technologies to ACP

6. Can we characterise ARPI Tier 1 Research Tools and IT support in terms of the tasks, processes, process steps or roles involved in ACP? (WP2)

7. What are the rules under which ARPI Tier 1 Research Tools or IT support can be used? (WP2)

Incorporating ARPI Technologies into the ACP Toolkit

8. What features of the ACPT Plan Data Base Server are needed to support identification of the triggers or requirements for ARPI tier 1 Research Tools or IT support? (WP1.2)

9. Can ARPI Tier 1 Research Tools or IT support be described in terms of a mechanisms for using such tools that can be incorporated into the ACPT controller? (WP2)

Mixed Initiative ARPI Technologies within the ACPT

10. Can we define an agenda/to-do list oriented framework which can identify available and suitable tool support for given tasks and ensure that the information needed by the tool to perform its work is available (WP2 - relate to JTF Reference Architecture's Model-View-Controller framework?)

11. Can we incorporate O-Plan into this framework as an example? (WP3)

We will also offer support to other ARPI participants to help them to categorise and describe their tools in the framework. (WP1, WP2, WP3).

ARPA/RL Contract with ISX identifies the following work packages that AIAI are involved in: Mixed Initiative Req. Analysis & Ontology ACPT MIP Services Development ACPT MIP Services Application & Demonstration Develop System/Subsystem Spec & User Manual

Internally between ISX and AIAI, the subcontract work packages are:

WP1 Mixed Initiative Requirements Analysis and Plan Ontology
WP1.1 Mixed Initiative Capability Requirements Analysis WP1.2 Shared Plan Ontology and Plan Features Server in ACPT

WP2 ACPT Framework for Development of Mixed Initiative Systems

WP3 Application and Demonstration of the Infrastructure in an IFD

WP4 Input to ISX Reporting and ACPT Documentation

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