Relation Has-Slot-Value-Of-Type

Instance-Of: Relation, Set
Has-Subrelation: Has-Single-Slot-Value-Of-Type
Arity: 3
A relation R HAS-SLOT-VALUE-OF-TYPE T with respect to domain class C if for every instance i of C there exists a value v such that R(i,v) and v is an instance of the class T.

Implication Axioms for Has-Slot-Value-Of-Type:

(=> (Has-Slot-Value-Of-Type ?Domain-Class ?Relation ?Type)
    (=> (Instance-Of ?Instance ?Domain-Class)
        (Has-Value-Of-Type ?Instance ?Relation ?Type)))

Equivalence Axioms for Has-Slot-Value-Of-Type:

(<=> (Has-Slot-Value-Of-Type ?Domain-Class ?Relation ?Type)
     (And (Class ?Domain-Class)
          (Binary-Relation ?Relation)
          (Class ?Type)
          (=> (Instance-Of ?Instance ?Domain-Class)
              (Has-Value-Of-Type ?Instance ?Relation ?Type))))

Axioms for Has-Slot-Value-Of-Type:

(Binary-Relation ?Relation)

(Nth-Domain Has-Slot-Value-Of-Type 3 Class)

(Nth-Domain Has-Slot-Value-Of-Type 2 Binary-Relation)

(Nth-Domain Has-Slot-Value-Of-Type 1 Class)

Implication Axioms mentioning Has-Slot-Value-Of-Type:

(=> (Has-Single-Slot-Value-Of-Type ?Class ?Binary-Relation ?Type)
    (Has-Slot-Value-Of-Type ?Class ?Binary-Relation ?Type))

Equivalence Axioms mentioning Has-Slot-Value-Of-Type:

(<=> (Has-Single-Slot-Value-Of-Type ?Class ?Binary-Relation ?Type)
     (And (Class ?Class)
          (Binary-Relation ?Binary-Relation)
          (Class ?Type)
          (Single-Valued-Slot ?Class ?Binary-Relation)
          (Has-Slot-Value-Of-Type ?Class ?Binary-Relation ?Type)))

Axioms mentioning Has-Slot-Value-Of-Type:

(<= (Has-Slot-Value-Of-Type Ontolingua-Internal::@Arg-List)
    (Has-Single-Slot-Value-Of-Type Ontolingua-Internal::@Arg-List))