Relation Documentation

Arity: 2
Definition-Sort-Index@Interface-Ontology: -200
Documentation is a relation between objects in the domain of discourse and strings of natural language text. The domain of DOCUMENTATION is not constants (names), but the objects themselves. This means that one does not quote the names when associating them with their documentation.
Binary-Relation, Binary-Relation, Relation, Relation, Relation ...
Range: String

Frame References to Documentation:

In class Show-All-Values-Slot@Interface-Ontology:

A class of slots whose instances are specially handled by ontology

editors. All values of slots that are instances of this relation class

will be displayed with all of their values visible without any ellipses.

In relation Subset:

The sentence {tt (subset $tau_1$ $tau_2$)} is true if and only if $tau_1$ and $tau_2$ are sets and the objects in the set denoted by $tau_1$ are contained in the set denoted by $tau_2$.


In function Inverse:

One binary relation is the inverse of another if they are equivalent when their arguments are swapped.


  • Note that INVERSE is a function. It is possible to have more than one relation constant naming the inverse of a relation, but they are all = to each other.
  • originally defined in the KIF-RELATIONS ontology

In class Operator:

Documentation: KIF operator

In class Transitive-Relation:

Documentation: Relation R is transitive if R(x,y) and R(y,z) implies R(x,z).

In function Tanh:

The term {tt (tanh $tau$)} denotes the hyperbolic tangent of the object denoted by $tau$ (in radians).