Class Relconst

Subclass-Of@Frame-Ontology: Constant, Expression, Word
Instance-Of@Frame-Ontology: Class@Frame-Ontology, Relation@Ol-User%Kif-Relations, Set
Arity@Frame-Ontology: 1
A symbol that denotes a relation (may also be a function). Cannot be used as a functor of a term expression, even if it denotes a function.


Frame References to Relconst:

In class@frame-ontology Constant:

Exhaustive-Subclass-Partition@Frame-Ontology: {Funconst, Objconst, Relconst}

Equivalence Axioms mentioning Relconst:

(<=> (Relsent ?X)
     (Exists (?R ?Tlist)
             (And (Or (Relconst ?R) (Funconst ?R))
                  (List ?Tlist)
                  (>= (Length ?Tlist) 1)
                  (=> (Item ?T ?Tlist) (Term ?T))
                  (= ?X (Cons ?R ?Tlist)))))