Relation Maximum-Slot-Cardinality

Arity: 3
MAXIMUM-VALUE-CARDINALITY specifies an upper bound on the number of range elements associated with any instance of a given domain class.

It is inspired by the CLASSIC and Loom `at-most' operator.


Instance-Of: Relation, Set

Equivalence Axioms for Maximum-Slot-Cardinality:

(<=> (Maximum-Slot-Cardinality ?Domain-Class ?Relation ?N)
     (=> (Instance-Of ?Instance ?Domain-Class)
         (=< (Value-Cardinality ?Instance ?Relation) ?N)))

Axioms for Maximum-Slot-Cardinality:

(Nth-Domain Maximum-Slot-Cardinality 3 Nonnegative-Integer)

(Nth-Domain Maximum-Slot-Cardinality 2 Binary-Relation)

(Nth-Domain Maximum-Slot-Cardinality 1 Class)