Relation Alias

Arity: 2
Alias is a way to specify that two relations have the same extension. It is logically equivalent to the = relation, except that it is restricted to relations.
Domain: Relation
Instance-Of: Binary-Relation, Relation, Set
Range: Relation

Implication Axioms for Alias:

(=> (Alias ?Relation-1 ?Relation-2) (= ?Relation-1 ?Relation-2))

Equivalence Axioms for Alias:

(<=> (Alias ?Relation-1 ?Relation-2)
     (And (Relation ?Relation-1)
          (Relation ?Relation-2)
          (= ?Relation-1 ?Relation-2)))

Axioms for Alias:

(Relation ?Relation-2)

(Relation ?Relation-1)

Frame References to Alias:

In class Term:

Alias: Expression

In class Thing:

Alias: Bounded