Class Organisational-Unit

Potential-Actor, Eo-Entity, Individual, Individual-Thing, Thing ...
Instance-Of: Class, Relation, Set
Domain-Of: Manages
Range-Of: Holds-Stake-In, Manages, Works-For-Ou
Arity: 1
An Entity for Managing the performance of Activities to Achieve one or more Purposes. An OU may be characterised by:

* the nature of its Purpose(s); * one or more Person(s) working for the OU; * Resource(s) allocated to the OU; * other OUs that Manage or are Managed-By the OU; * its Assets; * its Stakeholders; * being Legally Owned; * its Market (if it is a Vendor).



Implication Axioms mentioning Organisational-Unit:

(=> (Stakeholder ?Stakeholder)
    (Or (Legal-Entity ?Stakeholder)
        (Organisational-Unit ?Stakeholder)))

Equivalence Axioms mentioning Organisational-Unit:

(<=> (Stakeholder ?Stakeholder)
     (And (Actor ?Stakeholder)
          (Or (Legal-Entity ?Stakeholder)
              (Organisational-Unit ?Stakeholder))
          (Exists (?Organisational-Unit)
                  (Holds-Stake-In ?Stakeholder ?Organisational-Unit))))

Axioms mentioning Organisational-Unit:

(Or (Legal-Entity ?Stakeholder) (Organisational-Unit ?Stakeholder))