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This page supports O-Plan releases by providing information not built into the release file itself, and by providing up-to-date additional information and resources.

Current Release Information

Current Version:3.3
System Date:30-Apr-2000
Release File Date:30-May-2000

Documents Describing O-Plan and its Techniques

O-Plan Version 2.3

O-Plan Release 2.3 (System Date: 12-Jul-95, Release File Date: 13-Jul-95) was a full demonstration system including a simple task assignment agent/menu interface, a planner agent and a demonstration of an execution agent. The release contained AutoCAD based PlanWorld Viewers for some domains. The system was released only for use within the DARPA/Rome Laboratory Planning Initiative. Although provided here to allow future demonstration use and as an archive of previous demonstration material now removed from the later releases (version 3.1 onwards), this release is not supported in any way and no licence to use it is provided.

PRECiS/Pacifica Demonstration Scenario

Information about a demonstration and evaluation domain used with O-Plan and concerning transportation/logistics planning and Non-combatant Evacuation Operations (NEOs) is available. It is based on a fictional island called Pacifica.

Credits and Support

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