AIAI Training: Short Courses

Knowledge Engineering using CommonKADS

The course gives attendees a working knowledge of the CommonKADS methodology for developing knowledge based systems. This is achieved by covering the KBS development process from identifying a feasible application, through knowledge elicitation by various techniques, up to the production of a detailed design ready for implementation. Emphasis is placed on the modelling of expertise.
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Modern Scheduling Methods

The course provides attendees with a practical awareness of the state of the art in knowledge based scheduling techniques and a working knowledge of some of the key advanced software techniques for scheduling. Techniques covered include:
  • knowledge based schedule construction
  • schedule modification (iterative repair) methods
  • scheduling as a constraint satisfaction problem (CSP)
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Tools and Techniques for the Management of Change

The course aims to provide people with an understanding of a variety of techniques for coping with change in their organisations; exposure to some lightweight software to support these techniques; and an awareness of the state of the art in the integration of separate tools.
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Common Lisp

This is a highly practical based course. It teaches the core parts of Common Lisp, enabling attendees to understand and apply a representative subset of the language to a range of programming problems. In this way the attendees become familiar with 'Lisp-like' ways of thinking, and good Lisp programming practice. Attendees are expected to have 2-3 years experience in programming in procedural languages.


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