AIAI Training Courses for Industry

AIAI at the University of Edinburgh is part of the foremost centre of excellence in Europe for artificial intelligence research, training and technology transfer.

AIAI's training is aimed at equipping the participants with specialised skills which are in great demand in industry throughout Europe, Japan and the USA. Not only do we have considerable teaching and lecturing experience but we are also experienced practitioners who build working knowledge based systems to solve problems for industry.

The training programme is intended to teach both the theoretical and the practical aspects of knowledge based systems. It comprises Short Courses run on a regular basis, in-company courses which can be tailored to meet the business objectives and in-depth project-based Study Programmes often involving implementation of a demonstrator system. The trainers at AIAI are highly skilled technical staff, and when not engaged in training are active in designing and implementing systems.

AIAI provides single-user workstation based training facilities with a wide range of commercially available software, as well as new and innovative systems from around the world. Attendees may also use the AI Library which has mutual exchange agreements with all major AI centres in the world; its stock includes more than 15000 research reports, 3000 books and proceedings from all the major worldwide AI conferences.

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