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Travel to Edinburgh:

For more information on how to travel to Edinburgh by rail, air, car or bus, please click here

If you are travelling to Edinburgh by car, you may find this map useful.

Travelling in Edinburgh:

Please refer to the map of Edinburgh University in the city for finding your way around Edinburgh. The PLANSIG Workshop is being held in the Raeburn Room, Old College (location 14 on the map). The PLANET TCU meeting and Gap-Bridging Seminar are being held at the Conference Suite, 2 Buccleuch Place (location 42 on the map).

If you arrive in Edinburgh by train, you will arrive at Waverley Station. It takes approximately 5-10 minutes to walk from there to Jury's Inn hotel.

From the airport, you can either take a taxi to Jury's Inn (which costs between 14 and 18 Pounds Sterling) or you can take a bus to Waverley Station (for approximately 3.50 pounds one way or 5 Pounds return).

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