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Ricardo Aler and Daniel Borrajo (Madrid): Human-Computer Interaction for Control Knowledge Generation

Riadh Azouzi and Serge Massicotte (Baan, Quebec): Achieving Dynamics in Advanced Planning and Scheduling Systems Using an Intelligent Behavior Oriented Repair Paradigm

Roman Bartak (Charles University, Czech Republic) and Hana Rudova (Masaryk University, Czech Republic): Integrated Modelling for Planning, Scheduling and Timetabling Problems

Stephen Cresswell, Maria Fox and Derek Long (Durham): Extending TIM Domain Analysis to Handle ADL Constructs

Michael Clark (Durham): Construction Domains: A Generic Type Solved

Alex Coddington, Maria Fox and Derek Long (Durham): Handling Durative Actions in Classical Planning Frameworks

Stefan Edelkamp (Freiburg): First Solutions to PDDL+ Planning Problems

Fernando Fernandez and Daniel Borrajo (Madrid): Reducing the Introduction of Non-Determinism in Reinforcement Learning

Maria Fox, Derek Long and Muna Hamdi (Durham): Handling Multiple Sub-Problems within a Planning Domain

Max Garagnani (Open University), Lokendra Shastri and Carter Wendelken (Berkeley): A Connectionist Model of Planning via Back-Chaining Search

Antonio Garrido (Valencia), Maria Fox and Derek Long (Durham): A Temporal System to Manage Level 3 Durative Actions of PDDL2.1

Tim Grant (Pretoria): Towards a Taxonomy of Erroreous Planning

Nick Hawes (Birmingham): Anytime Planning for Agent Behaviour

Derek Long and Maria Fox (Durham): Encoding Temporal Domains and Validating Temporal Plans

Lee McCluskey and Beth Richardson (Huddersfield): The Induction of Operator Descriptions from Examples and Structural Domain Knowledge

Luke Murray (Durham): Generic Control Rules: Reuse of Control Knowledge in Planning Domains

Ron Simpson, Lee McCluskey, Weihong Zhao (Huddersfield), Ruth Aylett and Christophe Doniat (Salford): A Tools Environment for Developing Planning Domain Models

Sam Steel (Essex): Constructing Homunculi out of Objects with State

Alexander Voss, Rob Procter, Roger Slack, Mark Hartswood, Robin Williams (Edinburgh) and Mark Rouncefield (Lancaster): Production Management and Ordinary Action

Mathijs de Weerdt, Andre Bos, Hans Tonino and Cees Witteveen (Delft): A Resource Logic for Multi-Agent Plan Merging

Short Papers

Stuart Aitken (Edinburgh): Process Representation and Planning in Cyc: From Scripts and Scenes to Constraints

Ruth Aylett (Salford): Towards the Holodeck: Planning for Synthetic Characters

Ken Brown and David Fowler (Aberdeen): Extending Constraint Programming with Uncertain Reasoning for Robust Dynamic Scheduling

Christophe Doniat and Ruth Aylett (Salford): PLANFORM-KA tool: A Cluster of Constraints for Knowledge Acquisition and Planning

Jason Farquhar and Chris Harris (Southampton): A Proposal for an On-Line Real-Time Planner

Evgeny Selensky (Glasgow): On Mutual Reformulation of Shop Scheduling and Vehicle Routing

Mark Tully (Durham): Using Generic Types in Domain Engineering

Yacine Zemali, Patrick Fabiani (ONERA/DCSD, Toulouse), and Malik Ghallab (LAAS-CNRS/RIA, Toulouse): Using State Space Splitting to Compute Heuristic in Planning

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