James Malone
Homepage of James Malone, Research Fellow at the Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute, in the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, UK.

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Requires MATLAB version 5.2 or greater. Compatible with MATLAB 7 as of November 2006. Please read Terms of use before usage. ARMADA can also be accessed at Mathworks.

RELEASE - Version 1.3.2. Download the latest version of ARMADA, version 1.3.2 November 2006 update. This latest version is compatible with Matlab 7 as of November 2006.

The tool is an implementation of the 'Apriori' algroithm, first designed by Agrawal et al 1994, which extracts Association Rules for use in Market Basket Analysis. The software uses the support and confidence framework when presenting the Association Rules.

ARMADA is a tool designed by James Malone. The tool must be ran using MATLAB v5.2 or greater.

Sample files for use with Armada:
microdata.txt>> - comma seperated numeric data
lotteryuk.txt>> - comma seperated numeric data