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Uses of Action in ai.planning.propositional

Fields in ai.planning.propositional with type parameters of type Action
protected  java.util.LinkedList<Action> SequentialPlan.actions
          the sequence of Actions that constitute this SequentialPlan
protected  java.util.Map<ai.krr.NamedSymbol,Action> SequentialPlan.lblToActionMap
          the map from labels to Actions (possibly null)

Methods in ai.planning.propositional that return Action
protected  Action Action.clone()
           This class does not support cloning and an Exception will be thrown if this method is called.
 Action SequentialPlan.getAction(ai.krr.NamedSymbol label)
           This function can be used to retrieve the Action in this plan that has the given label.

Methods in ai.planning.propositional with parameters of type Action
 void SequentialPlan.addFirst(Action action)
           This function adds the given Action to the front of this SequentialPlan.
 void SequentialPlan.addLast(Action action)
           This function adds the given Action to the end of this SequentialPlan.