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Overview and Methods

This page provides an overview to the knowledge acquired by AIAI working with ISX on the subject of Air Campaign Planning within a Joint Task Force. The knowledge is represented using (variations on) the CommonKADS modelling technique, which models knowledge from several different perspectives. Other specialised modelling methods were used where appropriate including IDEF-3 for process models, and Role/Activity Diagrams.

"As-Is" ACP Process Models

Centre of Gravity Models

During modelling of the "As-is" ACP Proocess, Checkmate provided information about Objectives, Centres of Gravity (CoGs) and some classification knowledge about them. While this information was at a deeper level of modelling than was desired at that point in time, the information was recorded. It has subsequently proved useful for work on JFACC-related Challenge Problems under the DARPA HPKB Program. These Centre of Gravity models and classifications have been presented to a workshop at which Checkmate staff commented favourably on their worth. However, the information has not been verified with Checkmate.

"Transition" ACP Process Models

The "transition" ACP Process is one in between the "As-is" and "To-be" processes as envisaged by Checkmate and the US military.

Modelling Techniques

The majority of the knowledge represented has been modelled using the CommonKADS approach to knowledge representation. This has been enriched using some ideas from the ORDIT approach to organizational requirements definition; the IDEF3 modelling technique (PostScript -- 121 Kb); and the Role Activity Diagram technique. The terminology which is used within the models has been justified by drawing on the work of the KRSL working group and on the Enterprise Ontology.

N.B. Information on the IDEF family of Methods (including IDEF3) is available via NIST and KBSI.

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