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Resource Allocation in Transportation

AIAI has developed a vehicle and driver scheduler for a Scottish supplier of oil and bitumen. The system provides a comprehensive computer-based scheduling facility to achieve consistently high quality distribution plans which minimise distribution costs and satisfy customer delivery requirements whilst adhering to working regulations, physical compatibility restrictions and operating preferences. Benefits are achieved through the provision of: (I) a fully auditable trace of adherence to working regulations, quality and customer delivery targets; (II) a facility to assess the costs of alternative working practices and; (III) a service which produces consistent near-optimal solutions.

Resource Allocation in Aerospace

Optimum-AIV is a knowledge-based system for the planning and scheduling of activities for spacecraft assembly, integration and verification (AIV) at the European Space Agency (ESA). The system supports the entire AIV life cycle, i.e., not only scheduling of the activities but also monitoring of plan execution and the plan repair phases. The system allows scheduling of activities to be performed either manually or automatically using resource levelling. The system is integrated with the existing Artemis project management system in use within ESA. Optimum-AIV is now being operationally applied to the strategic planning of the production of ESA's Ariane-IV launcher equipment bays. This activity frequently requires the plans to be updated due to non-availability of equipment, test failures, etc

Resource Allocation in Manufacturing

AIAI has undertaken a programme on Research and Development in the area of manufacturing scheduling for Hitachi. This programme involved three separate projects concerned with the construction of predictive and reactive scheduling systems. The project developed a micro-opportunistic job-shop scheduling system tested on a large dataset, derived from real factory data, involving a wide range of production constraints. This work led to the development of new resource management algorithms which have been incorporated into a commercial planning and scheduling tool. AIAI has supported the development of a scheduling and control tool for ESEC, a leading supplier of an automated line for semi-conductor backend assembly. That work involved both development and design of: a constraint-based scheduler for a single line was developed, and a design for scheduling control of multiple lines

Constraint Management

At the heart of AIAI 's planning and scheduling work has been the modelling and management of constraints. AIAI has developed a strong technical focus on constraint solving. Work includes:

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