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Making expert knowledge available throughout your organisation, thus allowing your experts to consider only the complex issues.

Skilled and experienced people are needed throughout the design and construction process. The number of such experts employed by many companies, however, is not sufficient to allow the full exploitation of the post recession UK market. Intelligent Systems or Knowledge Based techniques allow an organisation to capture key expertise within computer tools. These tools can then be used to advise and guide other practitioners. The benefits of this approach are delivered in two stages. First, practitioners can check their initial ideas, designs, etc. with the assistance a computer tool. Second, this early checking resolves many rudimentary problems without placing demands on the valuable time of experts. Experts are therefore freed to consider only the demanding issues.

Guiding current and future project with past experiences.

Intelligent Systems technology can also help build up an experience base to counter the effects of staff turnover. By recording hard earned experience in an active form that people can apply to their current work, experiences are no longer lost when the people leave an organisation.


AIAI works with clients in a number of industrial sections to provide them with the skills necessary to develop innovative solutions that meet their own complex business requirements. The following (non exhaustive) list gives an indication of the sectors and clients with which AIAI has worked:


Building Regulations - supporting the development and interpretation of building regulations

"PLINTH" was designed to support the work of the Building Directorate of the Scottish Office with the task of writing the Building Standards Regulations for Scotland and the associated Technical Standards. The system facilitates the capture of the rational behind regulations in addition to the structure of technical documents. This structured knowledge assists the reader whilst navigating the complex interrelationships between sections. The technology may be applied to other types of structured document such as a building's design.

Health and Safety - supporting the risk assessment process under EU regulations

"Ease" was built for the Health and Safety Executive to support the risk assessment process demanded by EU regulations when manufacturing a new substance. The technology may be applied to other Health and Safety related processes.

Health and Safety - modelling the behaviour of people in emergency situations

Our "EGRESS" provides a methodology with computer support for modelling the behaviour of people in emergency situations offshore. The project demonstrated that such a model provides a valuable aid in designing and evaluating layout, facilities and emergency procedures on North Sea oil rigs. The same techniques may be used to model the behaviour of people during land based emergencies.

Project Planning - supporting the rapid development of construction plans

Techniques developed in AIAI's "O-Plan" system have been successfully applied to projects ranging from the construction of new retirement flats through to extending an existing supermarket. This work demonstrated that it is possible to significantly reduce the human effort needed to produce a construction plan. This reduction in the cost is of particular benefit when preparing a bid for a project.

Assessing the Performance of Cables in Buildings

AIAI worked with BICC to investigate the use of knowledge based techniques for assessing the performance of cables in buildings. As part of this study, AIAI collaborated with the School of Engineering in the University, to investigate the use of AI models and numerical fire models to assist in the assessment process.


AIAI is compiling a list of organisations that are also developing support tools for the construction industry through knowledge-based techniques. If you would like your project to be added to this list, please e-mail AIAI

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