O-Plan Web Demonstrations

Please note that the O-Plan server that ran these demonstrations is no longer operational. These web pages and the information is left intact for information only. The support e-mail addresses oplan@ed.ac.uk and oplan@aiai.ed.ac.uk are no longer monitored.

Welcome to the O-Plan web demonstration page. By following links from this page, you can run O-Plan remotely over the Internet and have it produce plans for tasks (problems) in a number of different domains. The resulting plans and other results then become available via further links. In some cases the demonstrations allow you to develop a number of alternative plans and compare them.

The Web demo outputs page contains a brief introduction to O-Plan and an explanation of some of the output formats.

We hope that you will help us to improve this demonstration facility by telling us of any problems and suggesting anything you'd like to see added or done differently. You will therefore be offered a number of opportunities to mail a comment.

The Demonstrations

There are three basic kinds: COA evaluation matrix interfaces, forms that let you specify tasks by filling in parameters, and lists of predefined tasks from which you select.

COA Evaluation Matrices

Pacifica Disaster Relief - Develop and Compare Multiple Options

Lets you construct several options to offer disaster relief on Pacifica. This is a simpler version of the more interactive demonstration below and does not require a password.

Demonstration Notes

  1. The matrix interface actively manages the current "workflow fringe" across all options being developed.
  2. Colour background rows are the activities you can step though.
  3. White background rows provide information.
  4. Anything with a hyperlink can be tried at any stage.

Task-defining Forms

Unix Volume Groups
Writes a Unix shell script for removing a disk volume group.
Pacifica Island Rescue - Non-combatant Evacuation Operations (NEO)
A Pacifica evacuation planning task with parameters for city populations, the number of ground transports (GTs) available, ground transport capacity, the destination, and a time limit.
Web Service Composition - O-Plan and I-Plan
A set of modifiable demonstrations that apply O-Plan and the I-X planner, I-Plan, to web-service composition tasks.

Predefined Tasks

A good place to begin is the hypertext version of the O-Plan Demonstration Guide. It describes a number of problem domains -- block-stacking, house-building, space platform construction, Pacifica, etc. -- and contains links that let you apply O-Plan to tasks in those domains.
Web demo outputs
A description of some of the output formats produced by the demos. It includes an introduction to O-Plan and a demonstration of its own.
The Hypertext O-Plan Demonstration Guide
Domain descriptions together with links that run O-Plan, as described above.
Standard O-Plan Task Formalism (TF) Demonstrations
A similar set of domains and tasks, as a plain itemized list. Contains most of the example domains distributed with O-Plan.
Air Campaign Planning - Workflow Planning Aid Demonstration
Workflow planning demonstrations.
Resource Demonstrations
Pacifica evacuation tasks with resource modelling.

Jeff Dalton <J.Dalton@ed.ac.uk>