Volume groups example

This example has O-Plan produce a shell script for removing a volume group.

To remove a volume group with the vgremove command, it is first necessary to remove all logical volumes from the group and all but one physical volume. To remove a logical volume, it is necessary to unmount any file system on it.

The volume group in the example is named vg0. The logical and physical volumes in the group have names lv1, lv2, ... and pv1, pv2, ... respectively. File systems have names fs1, fs2, ..., and we assume that they are mounted on the corresponding logical volumes (fs1 on lv1, fs2 on lv2, and so on).

The volume group contains:
logical volumes.
physical volumes.

Produce a plan to remove the volume group.
Undo all changes to the form.

Jeff Dalton