O-Plan Web Server

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This demonstration allows you to run an O-Plan planning agent and interact with it through a COA evaluation matrix. The main features of the demonstration are summarized below. A password is required. If you do not have a password, there is a simpler version that you can use. For the full version, you can see a suggested demonstration scenario and sample screen images from that demonstration.

In this demonstration, two user roles must be played: Task-Assigner and Technical Planning Expert. One user can elect to play both roles, or two independent users (anywhere on the Web) can play one each. In the latter case, they must specify the same session name so that they will both end up using the same instance of O-Plan. The session name is up to them, but it should be something that is easily communicated and is likely to be unique. It remains valid only until both users have joined. When one user plays both roles, no session name is required.

When you're ready to begin, press the "Begin" button below. O-Plan will continue running until the Task-Assigner selects "Exit" or "Restart" from the menu bar at the top of the main page or until there has been no interaction for too long a time.

Session: User role:
This demonstration illustrates mixed-initiative interaction between a task-assigner and a planning agent. It includes: