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Disaster strikes Pacifica (again)!

Fortunately, Delta, the capital and your base of operations, has been spared.

A map of Pacifica and a satellite weather image are available.

Your task is to examine a number of different COAs by populating an evaluation matrix in which columns represent COAs (plans) and rows represent evaluations (measurements) that can be applied to plans. Once you have developed a plan for a COA task, the evaluation entries in that COA's column are filled in. Some evaluation entries may be links that allow you to "drill down" to some underlying information.

The matrix contains some additional entries that have not yet been described. The leftmost column contains row descriptions. The top three rows and the bottom row contain links that act as commands. They allow you to define a task for a COA, to give the O-Plan planner authority to plan for the COA, to ask O-Plan to find a plan for the COA, and to view the resulting plan. Commands are issued by selecting these links. For example, to define the task for COA-1, select the link labelled "COA-1" in the row labelled "Define task".

To the right of the matrix is a link that allows you to add a new COA column, and a bar of further command links is above. Below are tables describing the COA tasks and initial situations. (The task table appears only after a task has been defined.)