Relation Superclass-Of

Arity: 2
Definition-Sort-Index@Interface-Ontology: 700
Superclass-of is the inverse of the subclass-of relation. It is useful to create an explicit inverse because there are efficient ways to assert and query superclass and subclass relationships separately.

In Cyc, superclass-of is called #%allSpecs because it is a slot from a collection to all of its specializations (subclasses).


  • We could have named superclass-of something like `has-subclasses' or `subclasses'. These look better when displayed as slots on frames. We opted for `superclass-of' because it is less ambiguous. Frame editors and related tools are free to alias this relation.
Binary-Relation, Binary-Relation, Relation, Relation, Relation ...
Inverse: Subclass-Of

Frame References to Superclass-Of:

In class Agent@Agents:

Superclass-Of: Organization@Agents, Person@Agents