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Vue - Virtual University of Edinburgh


Tutorial Author(s)
Sign Up for a Second Life Avatar Ai Austin
Second Life Reading Recommendations Ai Austin
Make a Male Avatar Ai Austin
Make a Female Avatar Be Austin
Setting up a Teen Grid Region for Educational Use Ai Austin
Create an I-sland and I-Room from External Content Ai Austin and Colleagues
Creating a Tour with the Guided Tour System Skye Gears
Advice on Video Player Use in Second Life SL Guide
Media Streaming into Second Life SP Pizzicato
Linking Second Life Objects with External Services JeffD Arida
Linking I-X and Second Life AITommy Jannings, Jussi Aya & Ai Austin
I-Room: Creating a Room for Intelligent Interaction Ai Austin
Creating Sculptured Primitives Meester Dastardly
Various Other Tips Various

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Location Description SLurl Teleport Video
Vue Virtual University of Edinburgh SLurl Youtube
AIAI2 Collaborative Systems AIAI2 I-Room SLurl Various Movies

Old College Balloons - SL and RL
Old College Balloon Image used with permission of David Gifford
Music (Box 2 - JC-B2-T08V3 230199.mp3) used with permission of John Clift

James Sadler's Hydrogen Balloon over Old College in 1815
University of Edinburgh Ballooning Club Glow on Burns Night in Old College Quad in January 2006